Beit Yosef is one of Portland three orthodox synagogues (shuls) and Portland’s second Sephardic shul. Rabbi Shlomo Truzman is a veteran of several congregations from a handful of countries and continents. We have services every Saturday (Shabbat) morning at 9:30 AM, afterwards there is a kiddush + lunch, and sometimes mincha.

If you are looking for a place to go for high holidays we start in the neighborhood of 9 AM, sometime closer to 8:30 AM. Be sure to check this site more thoroughly closer to the actual date of said holiday.

We are located at 6686 SW Captital Highway Portland, OR 97219. Or, if you are familiar with the area we are west of the MJCC on Capital Highway on your left. We are located between the Portland Kollel and the Everything Jewish store.

What makes Beit Yosef unique? We are a synagogue with a lot of unique members and slightly different ways of doing things. Before we start shacharit we like to go over a pertinent sephardi halacha or two from the shulchan aruch. During the torah reading, between aliyot we have seven dvar torah’s in 7 minutes, one for each aliyah. Another thing that makes Beit Yosef special, is that every single member is very important to us. Whether they are there every week or one week a year we try to make sure everyone is included and has a place. We don’t have cards with people’s names for giving aliyot, almost everyone’s name has been memorized by the gabbai, at Beit Yosef we believe in personalized services.

Well, what are you waiting for? Come stop by.


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  1. Cantor Linda Shivers

    What time are your services on Friday evening Oct. 10th? I have a friend coming to town who would like to know.

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